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Why are we so scared?  Here I am, a very sucesssful architect in my former life, having the police called on me as I walk to the park, sketchbook in hand.

G0 figure.  What happens when you just feel like walking all night long.  People say, how can you walk for 14 hours?  Well, it;s really easy, you see, one foot goes in front of the other….  Oh, then they really got scared.  Then I told the storty of the guy who ran in his first marathon.  Then he decided to run the 99 miles home.

So I have been kicked out of two houses in two days. They both think that that should have solved some crisis that they then had to solve.  Easy Rider understood a little something about freedom.  Hence the police.  Last I knew it wasn’t illegal to draw in public.  Are we really afraid to live in public.

Something is amiss in our world.  What if Christians were really christian.  Is it any more shocking that my parents and brother were the ones who kicked me out of their respective houses.  Yet, in the mist of it all, my unconditional love and forgiveness only seemed to make things worse.  Suddenly they felt a little strange aboung sending me out in the cold rain.

I don’t have the answers, but I do wonder what our world would be like if Christians were really Christians?

The wanderer knows.  The begining is when the time is right.  My calling is becoming clear

Insanely wandering, the muses beckon.  Death and destruction, we are reborn.

en lak’ech

Awakening as One