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There is a long tradition of sychronicity in wanderers.   Somehow, signs just find us.  Particulary when our means of travel is blocked.

Are we stuck?  Why does that seem to have a negative connotation?  Maybe it’s the difference between a wanderer being stuck and really being stuck.  Sometimes we miss the purpose of being stuck.  Perhaps it is the fear of becoming unstuck – what if it never happens?

I have been having a recurrent dream about being stuck in the mud, only to be freed by a tsunami.  What is strange to some is that I am not afraid.

I think christianity still tries to maintain the illusion of control by fear of death.  Beyond that fear, we let go, now stuck in the tsunami.  Or are we free in the Tsunami?  The wanderer doesn’t fear where he will end up.  You wake up and you are nowhere.  You wake up.  It is enough.

Why does 4.11.11 seem like a significant number?  Simple math.  I sense a certain clarity to my situation.  Is the tsunami coming?  Perhaps we will reach out for it’s embrace.

Beyond the fear there is a certain sense of wonder.  For now, the wanderer waits.  Seeking.  Winking at Freedom.


I came across the Rogue Priest today…

This comes at a time when I feel the need to move on from my current temporary living arrangements.  I am becoming aware that living by the phases of the moon is more important than I realized.  I stayed up all night the other night, and then realized it was a full moon.  I find I must continue to invest in magickal connections.

I am feeling called by an intentional community.  I just don’t know which one yet.  And so it all begins, and the Wonderer begins to Wander.

The beginning is when the time is right.  InSanelyHealthy, InSanelyReal, InSanelyGood.  This started with the bAsMythology, which is settling in around the archetype of the Wanderer, with a dose of Outlaw and Comets.

So, I have been wandering, musing, drawing, and generally making a mess of things for around 2 years now.  Out of that mix comes the need for a blog dedicated to my wanderings. 

The Wonderer Wanders, seeking a certain sense of Wonder.  A twist on a twist.  Wandering the Cliff Edges of Life.  MuSiNG Around.  That sort of thing.