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Why are we so scared?  Here I am, a very sucesssful architect in my former life, having the police called on me as I walk to the park, sketchbook in hand.

G0 figure.  What happens when you just feel like walking all night long.  People say, how can you walk for 14 hours?  Well, it;s really easy, you see, one foot goes in front of the other….  Oh, then they really got scared.  Then I told the storty of the guy who ran in his first marathon.  Then he decided to run the 99 miles home.

So I have been kicked out of two houses in two days. They both think that that should have solved some crisis that they then had to solve.  Easy Rider understood a little something about freedom.  Hence the police.  Last I knew it wasn’t illegal to draw in public.  Are we really afraid to live in public.

Something is amiss in our world.  What if Christians were really christian.  Is it any more shocking that my parents and brother were the ones who kicked me out of their respective houses.  Yet, in the mist of it all, my unconditional love and forgiveness only seemed to make things worse.  Suddenly they felt a little strange aboung sending me out in the cold rain.

I don’t have the answers, but I do wonder what our world would be like if Christians were really Christians?

The wanderer knows.  The begining is when the time is right.  My calling is becoming clear

Insanely wandering, the muses beckon.  Death and destruction, we are reborn.

en lak’ech

Awakening as One


What a night.  It’s the moon again, waning.  Revolution of the self, toasted.  Winking at freedom, the knack is to throw yourself at rock bottom and miss.  Don’t Panic!  Stop seeking solace and contentment.  It is a good distraction for some, but no longer for me.


“Authentic transformation is…not a matter of translating the world but of transforming the world; not a matter of finding solace but of finding infinity on the other side of death. The self is not made content; the self is made toast.”- Ken Wilber

For much of our lives, we naturally dabble in and actively pursue change… an evolution of selfhood.

But what Ken baby is talking about is a REVOLUTION of self. And that’s mighty appealing in terms of knowing your white hot truth. Just the mere willingness to be ‘toast’, to be shattered, will expand you to new proportions.

So then the question is, are you willing to transform? … to give it up; to be the fool, to re-write your story, to not recognize yourself; to believe differently; to be something, someone, you have not yet known? Sounds miraculous. Authentic transformation doesn’t necessarily depend on a nirvana experience or a nervous breakdown — though, hitting rock bottom can be incredibly efficient…

The Wanderings continue….

  • Add people and ideas to your life that are more in alignment with who you are,
  • Stop doing all the things that don’t make you come alive.
  • Stop materialism and replace chasing things with cultivating freedom.
  • Be Insanely Real.

Living Freestyle

Posted: March 22, 2011 in MuSiNG Around, Wanderings

My Wanderings brought be an little Inspiration by the Illuminated mind…

We are way past Obey, Conform and Consume now.

Do we seek security to facilitate happiness Do we really value comfort more than freedom?

The price we pay for consciously living our lives and forging our own path is the anti-role collateral. Sometimes that means embarrassment, humiliation and flat out rejection. But I can’t think of any bigger embarrassment to me than not being true to myself. A sovereign mind to me is more valuable than any fictional social approval.

I’ve realized that just as much as social restraints and pressures are real, they are only real within you. Our deepest beliefs about reality and ourselves are not true in themselves, but our thinking makes them true in our experience.

I came across the Rogue Priest today…

This comes at a time when I feel the need to move on from my current temporary living arrangements.  I am becoming aware that living by the phases of the moon is more important than I realized.  I stayed up all night the other night, and then realized it was a full moon.  I find I must continue to invest in magickal connections.

I am feeling called by an intentional community.  I just don’t know which one yet.  And so it all begins, and the Wonderer begins to Wander.

I came across Hobbit Hollows on  Very interesting.

The footnote caught my eye…

-en lak’ech-

I have filled out the form and we shall see where the journey goes from here….Jahrun is onto something here, I think….

Jahrun Chilam Balam
Hobbit Hollows
Preserve &
Gnostic Center
558 T-Short Lane
Cookeville, TN 38501

I did a cut an paste on the footnote.  Amazing.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in – the Living Code of the Heart

In Mayan tradition, there is a greeting that many people working with Mayan wisdom know of. It is the law of In Lak’ech Ala K’in, which means I am another yourself (A modern day interpretation). It also means I am you, and you are me (A traditional Mayan interpretation). We have come to understand that this Mayan greeting is an honoring for each other. It is a statement of unity and oneness. In Lak’ech Ala K’in mirrors the same sentiment of other beautiful greetings such as Namaste for East India, Wiracocha for the Inca, and Mitakuye Oyasin for the Lakota. It doesn’t matter which culture you come from. But when one of these sacred greetings is given, there is always an action of placing the hands over the heart.

The more I walk the Mayan path, the more I understand the depth that In Lak’ech Ala K’in teaches. This greeting has become more than a simple, honorable Maya greeting. It has evolved into a moral code, and a way to create a positive reality for all life. As we near 2012 with all its doom and gloom prophecies, we have a moral obligation to Spirit to live the code of In Lak’ech Ala K’in.

It is common knowledge these days that every action we take in our lives affects all living things. We understand that if we act negatively, our actions impact all life negatively. When we act positively, we affect all life in a positive manner. When we live the Mayan code of In Lak’ech Ala K’in, we know that every action we take is out of respect for all life, and we are living and giving from our hearts.

We can give our hearts in a positive manner every day by saying In Lak’ech Ala K’in to each other, to the trees, to the sky, to the birds, and to the stars. You can greet each sunrise by saying In Lak’ech Ala K’in. Each and every day we have together is sacred, so acknowledge this day by giving it your heart. Remember when you give in this way, you are also giving to yourself! You are not giving your energy away to something separate from yourself. Y ou are giving to another part of yourself!

I understand the challenges in staying positive in these days where the energy is so compressed that we can hardly breathe, but there is one simple exercise that can turn it all around for us. Each day, simply walk in gratefulness. We can say In Lak’ech Ala K’in to that which gives us life everyday, and that is the heart of the Great Spirit. Instead of solely taking from the Great Spirit by asking for insight and direction, give back your heart, love, and appreciation. You will be amazed at the results. If we open our hearts and send gratitude, it opens all doors that were previously closed to us. Remember you are a part of Great Spirit! When you give to Great Spirit you are giving to yourself.

We can practice In Lak’ech Ala K’in tirelessly, because when and what we give to others is giving energy to ourselves. When we give, we receive. So how do we know if we giving right? It is really simple. When we are energized by our giving, we know we are giving from our hearts and from the code of In Lak’ech Ala K’in. If we feel drained or exhausted, it is possible that we gave out of fear, lack, obligation, ego, or a need to be accepted or liked. The more one practices In Lak’ech Ala K’in, the clearer we will become about our motivations regarding our actions, and the more we will receive. Remember . . . what goes around comes around exactly the way it was sent out. If you don’t like what life is sending to you, look at what you are sending out to life.

When we begin to live and practice In Lak’ech Ala K’in, a lot of our old ways of doing things will no longer work for us. For instance, we cannot act like victims anymore, and we cannot live out of fear either. We find ourselves no longer preparing for disaster; instead we anticipate a glorious future. It is time for us to rewrite the prophecies. They have become obsolete. The past will become just a bad dream, and the future will become a beautiful vision of which we will create right now.

When we practice In Lak’ech Ala K’in, we quit being neutral in our world, because we understand that Spirit works with those that take action. We begin to take action by adding to the positive experience of this dimension. So what kind of world do you want? Don’t just stand there waiting for the world to appear in front of you. Spirit helps those who help themselves. It is up to us.

When we practice the moral code of In Lak’ech Ala K’in, we are producing and sending positive and vital energy that can literally transform our troubled world into Paradise. When we live from In Lak’ech Ala K’in, we are putting to use our natural ability to create our reality. We are affecting the collective consciousness of humanity in a positive way. The Cosmic Maya, also known as the “Star Elders” or “Invisible Council”, understood this natural power to create their reality. Their sacred calendars mapped the natural laws of the universe. Now it is our turn to come to this understanding. It is time for us to walk as the Star Elders did so many years ago. The time has come for us to change the world.

The more humanity begins to live In Lak’ech Ala K’in, the less we will think in terms of our separateness. There can be no competition, jealousy or envy between us, because we are pieces of each other. We can share and help each other with our connections, ideas and resources without fear that there will not be enough to go around. When we live the reality of unity, abundance and wholeness, there will be unity, abundance and wholeness! The more of us that participate in the creation of a better world, the quicker it will arrive. We will have peace, love, harmony and unity, and will finally have arrived home.

The beginning is when the time is right.  InSanelyHealthy, InSanelyReal, InSanelyGood.  This started with the bAsMythology, which is settling in around the archetype of the Wanderer, with a dose of Outlaw and Comets.

So, I have been wandering, musing, drawing, and generally making a mess of things for around 2 years now.  Out of that mix comes the need for a blog dedicated to my wanderings. 

The Wonderer Wanders, seeking a certain sense of Wonder.  A twist on a twist.  Wandering the Cliff Edges of Life.  MuSiNG Around.  That sort of thing.